Home Sweet Cardigan

I dot you

Baby, baby

After having no inspiration what so ever for a long while I got it back after seeing way to many baby clothes. Takes about one-two hours to make so it's easy to just whip it up in one night!

Christmas Calenders

Been making Calenders for my friends and their kids! Highly rewarding making people happy in some way!

Fifty dots or more

Silver Linings Peplum

Middle of everything

At this moment, I'm currently in the middle of 3 projects. I thought I was gonna be able to finish at least on of the projects (a peplum top) but realized when I came home from the fabric shop that I bought the wrong types of zippers. Stupid me. So now I have to go back tomorrow.

So hopefully I can publish some new stuff late tomorrow or the day after.

EKG blouse


Bustier baby

Sama fabric as the flowery skirt, so here's a close up of the skits fabric as well! 

Who said that orange is the new black? - They work together!


Flowery circle skirt


To be honest.

I think from now on theres mostly gonna be "previews" of stuff I've made. I don't have a camera accept for my iphone, which makes it a bit hard to take close up pictures of details. But I hope you will still get the picture of what I've acctualy done. 
The only thing I have been doing these past couple of days have been sitting in the sun, drinking some wine and spending entire nights next to my sewing machine, so now I'm going to explode my blog with some pictures of what have been going on in my (sewing) life!

Another preview: You Are My Sunshine

I really needed a dress for this summer, a dress to celebrate my favorite season. So I made a bright yellow little thing.

Preview of Prom Dress Madness Result


Min Profilbild


I'm a 24 year old girl from a town in Sweden called Skellefteå. I'm a self-taught, hobby seamstress, with a passion for creating. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment my blog or email me at: malin.fjellstedt(at)
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