Fifty dots or more

Another preview: You Are My Sunshine

I really needed a dress for this summer, a dress to celebrate my favorite season. So I made a bright yellow little thing.

Preview of Prom Dress Madness Result

Prom dress madness

I've started to make a prom dress for one graduate this year again. Completely different dress than last year, but still very pretty. I want to make it like the right part of the dress, I love the chiffon. My girl originally wanted the left part o the dress, but aren't sure right now. What do you guys think?

My Fair Lady

A friend of mine graduated this summer and needed a prom dress. 
And what don't you do for a friend! 
She wanted something straight, with a boat neck, and a low back. And this is what she got!
She was happy (I cried), I was happy! She looked like a supermodel!
(Photography: Stina Östlund)

The color of my childhood

Some parents only dress their baby girls in pink when they're small. But I grew up in the early nineties, still living on the eighties glory days. I wore mint green. Wich happens to be one of my absolute favorite colors today. So hurray! 
Thanks again to Amanda Olofsson for the pictures!
This dress is based on a burdastyle pattern, #104 3/2011 

Summer dress (in absence of summer)

Thanks to my wonderful friend Amanda Olofsson for the pictures 

Prom dress preview

Picture from Megafonen

The sky and ocean's blue. Me too.

My friend called me Shrek

A night at the Oscars

Prom dress under construction

It's soon gonna be done, then I hope to get some better pictures with Beatrice actually wearing the dress!

New Years Dress

That got worn on Christmas instead!

Blue Maxi Dress

Graduation day

Nearly 2 years ago from tomorrow, I was in my sisters shoes. About to graduate, in a dress that I'd made. Thankfully my skills have grown, along with my little sister! So this was my graduation gift to you, Hanna! The greatest sister on earth!

When in Rome

Short Flower Printed Dress

(Same here, last picture is from last year when I made it. Taken with the Canon 5D)

Flower Printed Maxi Dress

(Sorry for the bad pictures, my regular camera (a Canon 5D) is at my boyfriends work, so now the digital camera had to do. The last picture is from last summer, taken with the Canon.)

Purple Velvet Dress

Paisley Printed Bohemian Maxi dress

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