Middle of everything

At this moment, I'm currently in the middle of 3 projects. I thought I was gonna be able to finish at least on of the projects (a peplum top) but realized when I came home from the fabric shop that I bought the wrong types of zippers. Stupid me. So now I have to go back tomorrow.

So hopefully I can publish some new stuff late tomorrow or the day after.

To be honest.

I think from now on theres mostly gonna be "previews" of stuff I've made. I don't have a camera accept for my iphone, which makes it a bit hard to take close up pictures of details. But I hope you will still get the picture of what I've acctualy done. 
The only thing I have been doing these past couple of days have been sitting in the sun, drinking some wine and spending entire nights next to my sewing machine, so now I'm going to explode my blog with some pictures of what have been going on in my (sewing) life!

Something un-sewing-related (almost)

I'm might be a bit stupid but I have no idea what so ever how to change my stupid presentation or picture on the side of my blog.

So here it comes instead.

I'm not 21 any more I'm 23. I still like to sew, though I haven't got as much time anymore.

At the moment I still have a lot of things i should upload, but I want pretty pictures and not only on my doll. But you have too deal with that until the summer comes.

BUT! I have two similar dresses that I'm going too upload some pictures of, one that I wore for christmas and one that I made a week ago.

Stay tuned!

Picture time...

Oh lord. I've been in such a sewing mood the last couple of days, but have I've taken any photos? Of course not.

So this is what you all are waiting for:

- One T-shirt
- One dotted blouse
- One deep V-neck blouse


I'm about to enter the world of Chiffong, thread and sewing yet again in a couple of minutes.

Tomorrow guys!


It's coming...

Made lots of new stuff. Well at least two t-shirts and a dress, but we have limited time of daylight this far north. So I'm gonna try to fix some picures today.

Here's a little sneekpeek!


Having some trouble with this platform at the moment, the two dresses I've puplished isn't showing up as they should, and can only be found it the "Dresses" category. Have to see if this just turns up in the "Info" category or on the start page.

Update: Crap, hopefully everything will work itself out, because I have no clue what so ever how to fix it! :P


I'm no fashion geek. I'm no excellent seamstress. But damn, do I like to sew and create.


I got my firts sewing machine on my 18th birthday, a fantastic Husqvarna Emerald 116. I still haven't even figured it all out, but that doesn't matter. I'll be sitting there anyways!


This blog, is not the first, nor will it be the last of my share attempts on making a decent and intresting blog, but what distinguish it from the others is that it will only touch my creations. Nothing else. So if you want something personal, please turn to my other blog, or read some celeberties blog instead!


I will have 9 categories.

- Dresses

- Skirts

- Shirts

- Jackets

- Accesories

- Pants

- Home/Deco

- Children

- Info


My tip is to check out the dress and skirt sections, because thats what I do best.


Pictures will be starting to add up in a day or two, depending on time and sunlight.




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