Baby, baby

After having no inspiration what so ever for a long while I got it back after seeing way to many baby clothes. Takes about one-two hours to make so it's easy to just whip it up in one night!

Silver Linings Peplum

Altered mens shirt

Christmas Joy

I found this really soft knit fabric at the local fabric shop and bought 1,5 meters of it. And I managed to acctually make something out of it! I have a tendency too just leave it in my cupboard and never touch it again! haha.

London dream

When I was in London last March I bought some fabrics. Really a bit too expensive for my wallet, but I couldn't resist. And since it was so expensive I just bought a little of it. And ever since, it's been in my cupboard... But then, I thought, "What the heck! I might as well try too do something out of it? And here's the result!

Polka Dott Madness

V-Neck Dream

Stop! Blouse Time!


MbyM from hanna fjellstedt on Vimeo.

Striped T-shirt

Hopefully a film with the shirt is coming up tomorrow!

First Snow

Photo "The PartyCat"

White as Snow

Photos by my sister "ThePartyCat"

London Calling

White Shirt/Dress

Black Tank

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