I'm no fashion geek. I'm no excellent seamstress. But damn, do I like to sew and create.


I got my firts sewing machine on my 18th birthday, a fantastic Husqvarna Emerald 116. I still haven't even figured it all out, but that doesn't matter. I'll be sitting there anyways!


This blog, is not the first, nor will it be the last of my share attempts on making a decent and intresting blog, but what distinguish it from the others is that it will only touch my creations. Nothing else. So if you want something personal, please turn to my other blog, or read some celeberties blog instead!


I will have 9 categories.

- Dresses

- Skirts

- Shirts

- Jackets

- Accesories

- Pants

- Home/Deco

- Children

- Info


My tip is to check out the dress and skirt sections, because thats what I do best.


Pictures will be starting to add up in a day or two, depending on time and sunlight.





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