Blue Maxi Dress

Postat av: Sofia

Alltså Malin, du är verkligen grym på det du gör! :)

2010-06-24 @ 13:00:31
Postat av: Megan

can you put a pattern or show how you made this? I'm a beginner and really wanting to make something similar to this for myself because I'm almost 6ft tall and can never find dresses long enough for me, whether it's a maxi dress or a short dress, they're always too short!

2012-04-27 @ 09:03:15
Postat av: Malin

I wish I could be one of those who knows how to make patterns, 'cus I know how hard it is to find something that fit (i'm always between sizes).

A pattern like this is kind of easy however. Are you on Burdastyle? You can get a lot of help on there and theres free patterns that people have made. I think i wrote an explanation on how I did the dress on there.

Thats the link to my studio, hopefylly you will finf something helpful! If you have any questions feel free too comment again or send me an email!

2012-04-30 @ 10:24:47

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